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Rachel Ashworth-Jerem, Artist Biography

Lincolnshire Artist

With a rich and diverse career spanning three decades in the Theatre industry as a Director and Choreographer, my expertise extends to costume, set, and lighting design. Concurrently, my abiding passion for art, drawing, and painting has been a constant undercurrent. 

Five years ago, I decided to redirect a significant portion of my time and energy towards my painting endeavours. My artistic focus has primarily honed in on capturing the essence of my surroundings, particularly the landscapes of Lincolnshire. In recent years, my artistic narrative has evolved, incorporating figures into my compositions to infuse life, movement, and action.

An active participant in the artistic community, I am a proud member of the Lincolnshire Artist Society, Nadim Art Group, and Lincolnshire’s Art on the Map. My works find a home at The Little Red Gallery in Lincoln and Victoria Hall, Oakham. I have showcased my art at various esteemed venues, including Lincoln Cathedral, Doddington Hall, Marshchapel Arts Exhibition, Gunby Hall, Patchings Art Centre, Sam Scorer Gallery, The Usher Gallery, and Grimsby Heritage Centre.

Over the past year, my artistic journey has witnessed significant growth, marked by bespoke commissions for diverse clients. Noteworthy accomplishments include my painting of Lincoln’s iconic cathedral illuminated in blue during the UK’s first lockdown, donated to Lincoln County Hospital. This painting now adorns the hospital's main entrance. Another highlight was the 'Highly Commended' award for my painting 'The Glory Hole' in the TALP Open 2020. In August 2020, I stood among 18 finalists out of 7000 entries in an online ‘Wraptious Art’ competition. Winning the Britain Lockdown Drawing Challenge prize in the same year with my painting ‘The Strait’ added another feather to my cap.

In October 2020, Spencer Coleman Gallery commissioned me to paint a scene of Lincoln featuring the Red Arrows, including 10 limited edition prints signed by the Red Arrows team. The Arts Council England recognised my artistic undertakings with a £10,000 grant from the Develop Your Creative Practice Fund in April 2021. By June 2021, I proudly joined the ranks of the Lincolnshire Artist Society. Notable achievements in 2022 include the Judges Award for ‘The Fitties Beach’ at Grimsby Heritage Centre in April and having Lincoln Starring Theatre Company print my painting onto material used for costuming ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ in May. Most recently, this year, I became a member of the 'Art on the Map' exhibiting group in Lincolnshire, further extending my reach in the local art community.

Artist Statment
I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the delicate interplay of colour, light, and texture in my work. Utilising a palette knife and acrylics on stretched canvas, I craft compositions that aim to transcend the visual, seeking to evoke a sensory experience in every stroke and layer. Throughout this exploration, Lincolnshire has been my unwavering muse. From cherished childhood memories to present-day encounters, this region has not only shaped my life but also breathed vitality into my art. The landscapes and nuances of Lincolnshire are not mere subjects; they are integral threads woven into the very fabric of my work, enriching it with a profound sense of place and belonging.

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