Mar 16 - Mar 14

Spencer Coleman Fine Art Gallery, Lincoln

View a selection of my work all year round, at this wonderful gallery in the heart of the Cathedral city.

Mar 16 - Mar 1

Victoria Hall Gallery

View a selection of my work all year round, at this wonderful gallery in the heart of quaint Oakham.

Victoria Hall Gallery, Oakham

Apr 21 - May 18

Art on the Map - Welcomes Spring

Enjoy the spring exhibition form Lincolnshire's art collective 'Art on the Map'. Art on the Map are pleased to share new work from professional painters, print makers, and craft workers from across the county.

May 13 - May 28

Art in the Barn

An exhibition by The Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Founded in 1906, the well respected Lincolnshire Artistsʼ Society makes a welcome return to Doddington Hall & Gardens. The exhibition, ‘Art in the Barn’, which features artists from across the county, is an opportunity to experience a wide range of work from some of Lincolnshire’s most talented artists. Featuring paintings and sculptural art by members with many artworks for sale.

Past events

Oct 15 - Oct 22

Exhibition of Lincolnshire Artists

Celebrating artists from around the county. Organised by Brett Barker of Upcycled Innovations. With Christmas gifting in mind the exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to view and buy local Lincolnshire artwork.

9:30am - 4:30pm BST

The Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park, Lincoln

Sep 5 - Sep 11

Nadin Exhibition at St Martins Gallery

37B Hungate, Lincoln LN1 1ET

Jul 2 - Sep 3

Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Exhibition 2022

The Lincolnshire Artists' Society is delighted to be able to return to The Usher Gallery. Following a prolonged gap, this exhibition is a welcome celebration of the collective creativity and commitment of all of the members of Lincolnshire Artists’ Society and additionally the efforts of many others who work tirelessly to support cultural activity. Lincolnshire Artists’ Society began in 1912, founded initially in 1906 as the Lincolnshire Drawing Club.

Jun 14 - Jun 26

On Paper

The Lincolnshire Artists' Society is proud to present it's first exhibition of the year to be hosted by the Sam Scorer Gallery. The theme for this show is works on paper. It provides members with an opportunity to creatively consider how they work with this very traditional and beautiful surface. In contemporary life paper is something which we very much take for granted, but in the past it was a rare and expensive item! All artists engage with paper in a variety of different ways.

Jun 2 - Jun 5

Marshchapel Arts Exhibition

The 2022 show should be one of the largest exhibitions that we have staged with nearly 60 artists and over 275 paintings! Many of the returning artists are ones that were booked for the 2020 Exhibition, sadly cancelled due to lock down restrictions.

St Marys Church, Marshchapel, Lincolnshire

Apr 19 - May 15

Pride of Grimsby

The talent of local artists and the stories of our area, past, present, and future will form the heart of a new exhibition at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. Pride of Grimsby showcases some of the best contemporary artwork from North East Lincolnshire and celebrates the wealth of talented artists in the local area. Each artwork represents the artist’s connection with the local area, and the stories which connect them to the place they call home. These stores include personal experiences

May 9 - May 1

Developing Your Creative Practice Arts Council of England Grant Award May 2021 - May 2022

My ultimate aim for my given time to develop my creative practise is to expand my Palette knife skills, devise a new ‘theme’ to my artwork and give myself time to think, improve, reflect and experiment. Over this next year I will spend the time in my studio planning, preparing, painting and producing pieces of work on canvas.


Oct 9 - Oct 25

Sam Scorer Gallery

Denise Hawthorne’s art group, who normally meet once a week in her Chapel studio, kept in touch during lockdown… sending each other work at various stages of completion for help and suggestions from Denise and other members.